Comfort Land and Homes is a full-service real estate firm with over 25 years of experience that specializes in all types of Comfort Real Estate, Rentals. Home sales, Lots, Ranches, and Commercial Listings.

Real Estate happened as a natural progression in Paula’s life. Her first career was teaching at Comfort Middle School and High School which provided the skills that are utilized in her Real Estate. Her husband Randolph owned a Lumberyard and was interested in building and remodeling. They decided to build a spec house, but of course, her husband was too busy with the lumberyard. She stopped teaching and became the general contractor with her husband’s guidance. They then decided she should get her real estate license to sell the properties they built and remodeled. It was a great start and after having her license a few years, she decided to get her Broker’s License and start her own company. She started her own business, Paula Bohnert Realty and from there, people began approaching her to get their licenses. She had a great team of realtors and decided they should become Comfort Land and Homes. The business was built on knowledge and trust. Now it has been close to 25 years since it began.